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Social Media

Social Media Experts.

We understand your business, that is why to achieve the desired objectives.

What is the Goal? What is your idea, service, or product? What territory are we going to? What profile does your customer have?

Achieve your goals by boosting your social networks to the limit!


· Reading and control of user posts.

· Protect the image of the brand and immediately prevent negative comments from transcending that have the purpose of discrediting.

· Get the involvement of various members of the community based on different techniques that help spread our messages.

· Process of invitations and creation of fans / followers, followed by the management of an active community.


· Design and publication of content on Social Networks.

· Harvest or need for users to detect opportunities.

· Boost brand awareness through content.

· It enhances the values of the company as well as its identity.


· Constant analysis to combine the presence in the different Channels.

· Interaction and alliances with other brands for content and joint actions. It also includes the follow-up and realization of Reports.

· Coordinate the correct tool for the measurement of each of the Channels.

Monitoring the evolution and growth in the Networks.

· Generation of monthly reports with opportunities.

The Objetives: to be more visible

(Branding): First of all, it allows you to publicize your business, brand or product. Finally, through good content, you can show your promotions and special initiatives.

· Interaction with the public: Use the brand's social media to develop actions and contests that generate user participation.

· Generation of Followers: Get users interested in your products and services. In addition, they achieve that they consume it actively.

· Promote commercial offers that turn users into potential customers.

· Traffic to the web: In the same way that visits on your social networks will increase, we will target that audience to increase traffic on your website.

How are we going to grow?

· Social Ads: Segmented campaigns to attract users to social channels. Campaigns can be used to promote products or initiatives throughout the year.

· Daily content: Content will be essential to generate a space for exchange and dialogue with the brand on social networks.

· Comprehensive initiatives: They are applications with greater development that invite the user to participate actively. These applications not only reward users, but also generate greater reach and visualization.

What will be the content?

In order for a social channel to become a space for interaction with users, pleasant content must be published. That is why you must understand the topics you are talking about and optimize it based on the response we have from the users.

In this way, your social media and also your content, will be constantly evolving.


Your own digital marketing department

We have an integrated team, which has the knowledge to plan and execute marketing strategies on social networks. In this way we can give an immediate response to any need of our customers:

· The Campaign Coordinator works together with the Social Media team and designers to develop efficient and innovative strategies.

· Community Manager: Create and promote the contents. Manage conversations. Listen and take care of the company's reputation.

· Social Media Team: They manage the calendar as well as relevant information. They process and interpret the metric.

· Graphic Designer: He is the person who is responsible for visually representing the message.

Be-Community for your business on social networks

What are we going to measure?

The REPORTING work consists of measuring the result of our actions with clear metrics and immediately responding based on them.

· Brand positioning: The brand awareness we achieve, thanks to the initiatives carried out during the period worked.

· Interactions: The ability to understand the interaction of users and their actions from the most relevant ones.

· Potential customers: Everything related to the generation of traffic to the point of sale.

· Follower/fans reach: Evolution of main channel followers

Monthly report: Report in PPT format. It is delivered on the ninth day of each month.

· It includes metrics of all channels.

·It includes content analysis, quality and proposed optimizations: Insights, opportunities as well as the next steps to follow.


Write to us and we will analyze your situation, we will advise you at no cost about your business idea, as well as about your project, about web design and development.